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Corsair HX1000 annoying coil whine


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HI need some help here.

I'm running on 5800X with 6800Xt
My previous PSU - Seasonic Prime Gold 1000watt has tripping issue with power spike of today GPU so I RMAing it, in the meanwhile I bought H1000 to use (and potentially keep it and sell the Seasonic instead when it return).

Right after I test run with Nicehash, tuning GPU at just around 160 watt, the coil whine starting to fire up and keep making hte noise all the time, I test to make sure that it's coil whine.

Compare the old Seasonic, that one is dead silience , so I'm dissappointed, this one is even more expensive, any Idea if this is normal (it shouldn't) and can I RMA it? (just bought today)

PS. I read some post and see about that ferrite beads, but I won't use it, make my build look ugly, and It supposed to run fine without it (otherwise they should provide one with PSU.




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Update, i got replacement from the reseller, the new unit run completely silent.


So if anyone got the same issue as me, it coil whine might be safe from engineering perspective but it shouldn't be normal, you should ask for replacement.

I have tested it with my OC profile, no tripping.



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