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Need help with icue please.


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At first Corsair Icue worked fine but I can only launch it from the taskbar, I wanted an icon on the desktop so I went into the program file and dragged the icon onto the desktop. When I restarted my computer, it would all of a sudden say icue.dll is missing when I try to launch the software. So I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it but now there is no program file in my C Drive and it still says icue.dll is missing. What should I do?

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Hi Epic...

Try no uninstall iCUE with one of this tools:



After that, install the latest version and check how it works out!

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11 minutes ago, Epicmango7 said:

Okay what you suggested works but there is no icon on the desktop

So.. you want a shortcut icon in the desktop to open the iCUE?...

Try this:

* Search for iCUE in the Start Menu

* Right click on it and select: "Open File Location"


* Select the iCUE icon in the window that just open, Right Click and select: "COPY"

* Minimize every window, right click in the desktop and select: "Past Shortcut"


And thats it!

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