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M65 RGB ULTRA Right Mouse Button Stops Working

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New M65 RGB Ultra - the right mouse button stopped working after a few minutes.

Uninstalled old version of iCUE, and deleted all mouse drivers: mouse button works - install new version of iCUE (iCUESetup_4.15.153_release) - mouse button works for a minute or two...then stops responding.  The mouse button worked long enough to record some macros in iCUE - but then stopped.  Odd thing is that the macro would run and perform the right mouse button action, even though the button itself did not respond.

I have managed to get the mouse button to work by switching off all the RGB features and not installing iCUE.  To do this I held Mouse Button 4 and 5 while plugging in the mouse and it flashed for a bit then started working.  I don't know what this does, but only the DPI LED is lit now.

It also looks like I need to delete the stored profile on the mouse in order to get the right mouse button to be restored..

I could not get the mouse to reset by pressing Left and Right mouse button and plugging in.

As soon as I install iCUE then the right mouse button stops working.

Tested on a laptop with no iCUE installed and when the mouse is in the state of not responding to right mouse button clicks, seems to persist across machines, until the reset thing was done.

I also have a STRAFE Keyboard that has a profile in iCUE - no issues with that.

Any help appreciated.


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I returned the mouse and bought a Logitech G502 Wireless - buttons are better placed and work.

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