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[Help] CORSAIR H150i pro not detected in BioS


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In my bios setting, my CORSAIR H150i pro  shows my AIO Pump as N/A but over here in CORSAIR LINK it seems to be working fine but with my temp #5 running at 0.0C..?

Is there anything of concern here that my CORSAIR H150i pro is not showing up in Bios but temp and rpm working in CORSAIR LINK? or by any chance..I've gotten a faulty h150i pro?

Pardon me..first time using AIO, been using fan cooler for CPU over 2 decades..

Also, added Temp of my CPU taken from hwinfo.







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Typically a no response, 0 rpm, or N/A on the tachometer wire from the cooler spells trouble. This is why the wire exists — to provide the cpu boot error should the pump not turn on at start up. However, the wire is not required at all and should the pump not start, you will hear the fans ramp from slow to maximum and hold in seconds. That is a fairly noticeable warning sign. Even if all of that is missed, the MB will shut things down after 20-30 seconds when you cross the safety line up near the 100C CPU temp mark. I think it most likely there is a defect in the tachometer wire or connector on the unit and thus no MB reading but otherwise full operation. 

However, I do want ask about the Link screenshot above. You “H150i Temp” (liquid temperature) is 40.7C. This is the minimum possible cpu temp and the cores match that in their stepped down state. Was this after a period of load?  I would not expect you to reach 40C except when running extended mixed load like gaming where the gpu heats up the case and therefore most of that liquid temp value is a result of the ambient case temp, not heat added directly. I see the gpu is sitting at 59C, so possibly zero fan state there?


The 0.0C reading from the MB section of Link is garbage data. The Link/CUE programs often have issues reading the Asus Embedded Controller. Impossible values like 0 or 216C are common. You can remove them. The 22C is a junk value too. There is nothing in your case at that temp right now. Also, just FYI…. Link went end of life about 3.5 years ago as it was merged into the peripheral program CUE. It will not be able to read your 10900K and may have trouble with some MB values as well. However, none of those data points affect the cooler’s functionality which uses the internal liquid temp sensor for control. Link should work for that. You already disabled the H150i monitoring in HWiNFO, so I suspect this was an intentional choice and it should have no bearing on the original question. 

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