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Troubleshooting HX850 platinum


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I have an very strange issue where my computer after upgrading to a samsung 49" 5k display starts to randomly power black out, then reboot. This mainly occurs in games. I had this power supply replaced due to warranty, because i thought it was faulty. Now it appears the new one is exactly the same? It is very frustrating to play games. I have played just fine for 2 days straight and today it started to make problems again. The replaced PSU seems to have made the problem occur less frequently than before, therefore i think i am low on power or something? My framrate is all okay and windows logs only states an random shutdown has occured, but no error messages?

I have set the PSU to single line.

My other specifications below:

Geforce GTX1080

Intel core i7 8700k

32GB DDR4 from corsair

Asus rog strix z370-H gaming motherboard

2x SSD drives and one harddrive

Everything is at stock clock.

Temperatures are around 80C top for the GPU and 65C for the CPU.


I had absolutely no issues before i upgraded my display from 2x 24" 1080p monitors to an 5k monitor.


Thanks in advance to whoever can help me solve this!

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