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220t case and h115i RGB Platinum can't get RGB to work in all fans.


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I have a Corsair 220t RGB case that came with the standard 3 SP120 RGB Pro fans and included lighting node core. I then also added 3 additional SP120 RGB Pro fans and have had flawless operation with them and iCUE. I now have removed 3 of the SP120 fans and in its place installed an h115i RGB Platinum AIO which came with 2 ML140 RGB Pro fans. I installed the cooler the way the instructions said too so my current arrangement consists of 3 SP120 RGB Pro fans that are powered off of the MOBO and the RGB plugged into the lighting node core. The AIO is wired as instructed, SATA powered, the ML140 RGB Pro fans are powered on wires included with the AIO and the RGB port wires are plugged into the AIO included wiring as well. I also ran the iCUE USB cable from the pump head to a USB port on my MOBO. Okay, there's the setup. Here's the problem. I can only get the pump head and 2 ML140 fans to have any RGB control within iCUE. I can see the lighting node core but its as if I have no control over it. I have a feeling its a wiring thing with having both the pump and lighting node core plugged into my MOBO but an unsure how to fix it. I also feel that I am not the only person to have run into this issue with the popularity of my case and AIO choice. Anybody enlighten me on how to fix this?

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