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ICUe not detecting correct CPU temps


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So I got a Commander Pro and a H100i Platinum RGB. I got 4 SP120 PRO rgb fans connected to my commander pro and 2 SP120 PRO connected to my Aio.


ICUe is detecting let's say 50c when in reality my cpu is at 30 or even 40. That causes my fans to run up when it's not needed and the pc gets quite noisy. Does anyone know what I should do? I kind of need ICUe to control my RGB but is there a way to disable fan control in icue so I can just use my motherboard's utility which does display the correct temps.


I was thinking that 50c while idle was pretty high so I checked with my ASUS command center and it showed 34-40 which is more accurate for an AIO in my opinion? Correct me if I'm wrong.


Here's screenshots of what I mean : 1109540145_cputemps.thumb.PNG.be3eb828361f55e8fd0f45b6b6f2d6f2.PNG

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Be careful with those Asus figures. First, typically the AC or AI Suite programs poll at very slow rates - sometimes as long as once every 5-10 seconds. That doesn’t really work for a cpu that changes temp as voltage is applied and removed on a fraction of a second interval. Second, I suspect Asus is using a different cpu sensor from its motherboard. Your Ryzen temp is never going to be 30C unless you drop your room temp to about 15C. Everyone on Ryzen idles somewhere near 40C at the lowest point. 

Try comparing the cue temp to another 3rd party monitoring program like CPU-Z or HWMonitor. I suspect those two will match up and possible HWMon may also show you the other cpu sensors, socket, whatever it is. 

On a side note, you should not have any fans using cpu temp as the control variable in a water cooled system. That’s not how the process works with liquid cooling and obviously the voltage on the back of the cpu isn’t going to heat up the case. Your gpu on the other hand…. Use the H100 Elite temp (coolant) for the radiator. This can be used for other case fans as well for balance or you can use something like MB temp or even gpu temp to better assess internal ambient temperature. 

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