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Scimitar RGB Elite- Dead out of box

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Exactly as the title says, the new Scimitar RGB Elite is (insofar as I can tell) dead out of the box. I ran updates prior to attempted installation, both iCue and general PC updates, and I've tried every USB slot available. The Corsair mouse when plugged in will not light up and does not register with any of the software. The cursor is unresponsive and none of the buttons work.

I put in a ticket, so hopefully the customer service team will help out, but I'm desperately hoping that maybe I'm just missing something. I've tried the reset instructions, just to see if that might help, but to no avail. This is damn disappointing, the mouse was a surprise gift from my spouse in addition to being somewhat in need as my G600 is slowly kicking the bucket.

Any advice would be welcome.

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