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Corsair 1000D Rear exhaust dilemma


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Hi guys.

If any 1000D owners read this post, have you too be misled in Corsair's error on rear fan exhaust sizes and quantity with  140mm.,

I bought 2 for the rear exhaust  but like many others it will not fit the acclaimed 2 x 140mm fans.

So what do i do.....install 1 x 140mm in the top or bottom and have lots of spare grille showing from the rear slots or do i install 2 x 120mm LL'S ...

What have other users used.. would have looked spot on with 2 x 140 fans flowing into the top 420 rad 6x 140's

I do not want to sand fans down.


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from what i remember it's either 2x12 or 1x140. not long enough to accomodate 2x140

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