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Waterpump noise (rattling) of Corsair ONE Pro A200 in idle mode

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We just got a brandnew A200 which is a pretty amazing concept.

Unfortunately the CPU waterpump makes a silent rattle sound. Certainly we know, that most AiO coolers are not silent (you can always hear the pump), but the quiet rattling is usually not there?

Here is a video to get an idea ...


We opened the side panels and visually checked the fans when the system is on. Initially, all fans are NOT spinning and the rattle noise is definitely coming from the waterpump sitting on the CPU.

In a quiet room, you can hear this silent rattle noise everywhere.

The question now is, do other A200 units sound like this?

Is this normal?

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Speed of water pumps is around 2.000rpm, but in iCUE there is no option to switch the operation mode!?

Is the water pump connected like a fan (can be even controlled in the BIOS) or is it completey decoupled by the water pump itself (own controller)?

I haven't tested bluetooth connectivity so far ...

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My A200 Pro does exactly this as well.  If you tip it to the right (facing it, to the side of the GPU loop) about 20 degrees, does it go away? Mine does so I am thinking the CPU loop is underfilled. 

I received mine 4 months ago and have been doing the standard process of tilting it around and running the pump on full as well as various orientations trying work work any air bubbles to the top of the loop. Nothing works except tilting it to the side. It really just seems like there isn’t enough fluid in the AIO to support it’s standard profile. 

Been considering opening a ticket to get it fixed but not sure if I want to go without a machine for potentially weeks to fix something like this.  But at the same time, something minor like this is pretty unacceptable considering the extra cost of these things is mostly around the form factor and it’s silent running nature. 

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi All,

Whilst it may be possible for the issue @Laden hightlighted to be the case -- at which point I would strongly recommend that you raise a support ticket!

It is also possible that it's just a few Air Bubbles that may be stuck in the pump, rather than it being underfilled.

One approach to fixing the latter - and force the air bubbles to the top of the radiator where they belong - is to turn off your Corsair One, place it STABLY on it's side (noisy pump upwards - pump beneath the radiator), and run it in this orientation for 10 minutes to see if the noise goes away.

I've seen this approach work for shifting bubbles on the rare occasion it's happened to my own home systems, both on Pre-builts and DIY Builds.

If this doesn't help, then it may be an issue related to the pump itself and I'd again recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly.


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