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IT'S CORSAIR LIVE - Thursday September 30, 2021

Corsair Angie

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📣 It all goes down on September 30th. Join us at CORSAIR LIVE with host Trisha Hershberger and guest Paul's Hardware, where you'll get a new CORSAIR product announcement, special appearance by Linus, ORIGIN PC Let's Play, giveaways, and more!

Be sure to sign up or text in "Live" to "68655", so you can get the notification once the stream is live! 

Make sure to also follow us over on TwitterFacebookInstagramReddit, and even TikTok for only the best PC related posts! 

What product do you guys think we'll be announcing? 🤔 Feel free to post your guesses or discuss the stream afterwards below - otherwise, we'll see you then! 👋

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