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Corsair Lighting is just a complete mess

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I have multiple Corsair RGB Fans,Stripes and LS100.

Problem with the Ll120s: 3 of them just dont work, one works perfectly and the other two have one led either not lighting, lighting yellow or purple, instead of just white.

tried multiple commanders,multiple hubs, tried plugging the fans into different ports (the problem switches to other fans)

Problem with the RGB Stripes: sometimes all of them work perfectly, sometimes is just 1 led in the wrong color and sometimes are one and a half stripes working and the others dont.

Problem with the LS100:  when i turn my pc off just one half of one (out of 6 stripes) is still lighting, the others turn off.

literally sent them to corsair once, still doesnt work, bought new ones,doesnt work.

Problem with Dominator Pro RGB: the lower leds have a white yellow color while the other ones are a perfectly cold white.

Problem with H100i Platinum SE: Quiet Mode is louder than balanced mode.

That should be it.

If anyone has a similar problem please tell me. i am really really disappointed in corsair and i just want to throw everything in the trashcan.



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