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Replacing motherboard on Corsair One I64 with one that has Thunderbolt 3


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  • 8 months later...
On 9/26/2021 at 9:32 AM, Resseh said:

Has anyone tried replacing the motherboard? Is it easy?

Any recommendations for boards that have thunderbolt that would be compatible?


I did this with a z590i Unify motherboard that has Thunderbolt 4, took some BIOS changes but they work now. It sucks the first time you tear the system apart but it's doable. After that it goes much more quickly. You have to remove pretty much everything from the system and I recommend removing the front and rear panels as well(be careful not to break the clips).


The case is weird but it's still just a computer case so most parts will fit(ITX motherboard, SFX power supply, 140mm fan).


Stick with LPX or other low height ram for radiator tube clearance. If replacing the GPU then card dimensions will be important. I think max length is ~268mm and if you remove the radiator(since it's almost impossible to adapt to a different card) it might fit a 3 slot card but easily 2 slot. 


If you upgrade to a motherboard/gpu with PCIE gen 4 the gpu riser cable will need to be replaced as well otherwise you'll have gen 3 speeds.

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I am about to upgrade my original z270 mother board to a z590i Unify like yours. For the moment I'm still trying to figure out what is connected to what on the motherboard.

I was wondering about the front led lights of the C1. On the Z270 they seem to be connected to a 4Pin JLED1 but on the Z590i I only see a JRainbow1 3Pin connector. From what I understand there's a cable coming with the card, to go in the 3Pin and convert to a 4Pin for LED control.

Does the front led lights will connect in that JRainbow1 with the adaptor cable in order to work?


Thanks in advance

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Interesting to know, thanks a lot.

I will check if there's one on the AIO pump on my first gen C1.

I've trace the front led connecting to a JLED1 and from what I found on the web, it's not compatible with the JRainbow1 that is on my new motherboard. It's clearly not the same voltage and all that. And it seems pretty hard to find an adapter, not even sure it's possible

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