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Corsair Hydro X Water Coolant - CPU running much hotter than graphics card and reported water pump temp


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Below is a screen shot of my iCue dashboard temps. 

As you can see, the cpu core temps are significantly hotter than both the water temp and the gpu temp, even though they are all on the same line. The output from the Hydro X pump goes directly into the CPU and then out of the CPU and into the GPU and then out of the GPU and into the Radiator, making its way back to the pump.


Is this normal? This makes me think that the corsair water block that I have on the cpu doesn't have a good thermal paste / connection, but I used a brand new one with the paste pre installed... Is there something wrong with me setup here?


Thanks for all the help in advance, would just like someone elses input 🙂  Ambient temp is under 27C


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Liquid temp is the minimum possible temperature or baseline temperature.  While the GPU does a decent job of unloading on the desktop, the CPU is never full at rest unless you heavily tranquilize it with various power saving features.  For most people that is inadvisable and recent CPUs are designed to be reactive.  What missing from your dashboard is the MB widget with the current Vcore ("VCPU") reading, but at 8% load you will not be at the minimum possible level.  When the CPU is fully stepped down you should see the CPU cores float 3-6C over the coolant temp, but remember the program only polls every 1-2 seconds and the cores are often loaded/unloaded at a much faster rate.  If you do have a contact problem it won't just be an issue at idle.  Any kind of load test would return extremely high numbers instantly.  You also may notice really jumpy behavior for standard operations, like opening a program and you get an all core CPU boost to 70C+.


Liquid temp minimum will be the same as case ambient temperature (more or less).  So while it may be 27C in the room, the case temp will be more.  If I were to guess, I would say 36-37C.  You can use the extra thermistor probes from the Commander Pro to grab a data point or two to see the relationship.  I usually keep at least 1 near a radiator intake to make sense out of the efficiency.  

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