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Actions in the Action Library are active (albeit wrong) even when the profile is not active (??)


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More a bug report than issue, but I just spent a frustrating amount of time figuring this out, so hopefully you can either fix it or at least people can find it.


- Initially, F1 and Esc keys were toggling my DPI up and down. Restarting my computer fixed that, but then then next issue came up.

- F1-6 keys were activating the actions mapped to G1-6, even when the profile was not active


- Neither removing mapping, explicitly mapping the G keys, or restarting the computer and iCue resolved the issue

- Issue only went away when I deleted the offending Actions from the Actions Library; once done, behavior was back to expected

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Historically this has come up before, but not in CUE 4. The root cause was never clear, but as you discovered wiping out the Actions library resolves the issue. It’s peculiar how it triggers library actions that do not have an assigned key or trigger. If it happens again, try running a repair install from the Windows Apps list (“Modify”). That sometimes helps with these corruption issues. Otherwise turn on the debug logging in the CUE settings and contact Corsair Support. 

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