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H150i PRO RGB 'CPU Water Block LED - PINK instead of WHITE'


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I've read a few people online with this issue but no solutions or explanations as to why this might be occurring.  It's not an issue if you like dark colors and don't mind not having white.  It's only since I am thinking about a white build that I have discovered this phenomenon.

The LED or RGB color is not only an issue with the color white, but also it's hard to nail the exact color match on lighter colors.  The lighter  the color, the harder it is to get an exact match to that of my Ram of GPU's displayed color.

Solutions I have tried:

1. Inputting the exact white values:  rgb(255,255,255) (does not fix)

2. I have powered down, disconnected power cable and reconnected (does not fix)

3. I have reinstalled iCUE and updated (does not fix)


The issue of which I discuss is more noticeable in person, although the image I have attached does seem to reflect my dilemma well enough.

It's worth noting that this was not the case when I first started using the 'Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler'
I have now owned this unit for approx. 19 months.  I bought it back in July 2019.  Although not into overclocking (at this time) I do game a LOT and am wondering if it's either the Corsair Water Blocks that have this issue and it being related to HEAT - OR - it's a less talked about issue that is systemic across the board no matter what brand?  

Perhaps I might get more hits, acknowledgements in an Overclockers forum where someone into RGB has experience a similar issue with RGB water blocks having issues with color matching; especially white.

That's it - that's my issue and I think like others, it's more common than what is known.  Possibly because not many people are doing white themes or the time it takes to fill out an submission form (dismantle, photos, serials and so on) people just learn to live with it.  Whilst I think this cooler is awesome for keep the CPUs cooled, it no longer for me.  I'm sensing the problem can not be fixed and although not a problem for others, it still is one for me and a few others. 

Thanks for listening.  Now I am ready to make another purchase. LOL  Excuses, excuses. 

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