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Motherboard supports Dual channel


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The motherboard I am going to buy is a Gigabyte 570X Aorus Extreme, it supports dual channel, so I intend to run 64gb , do I buy 2x32gb dual channel kits, or 1 quad channel kit ? 16gb x 4 ? I'm so confused lol 



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there are 4 memory slots but it's still dual channel 🙂

you can get "quad channel" kits if you prefer, they will work as well. it's just to say they are 4 matched sticks. It's only a marketing term in that case. Memory sticks don't change between dual and quad channel, only the motherboard does.

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since Zen3, there's a slight performance uplift using 4 kits instead of 2 apparently.. but the only test i've seen was on single rank sticks, whereas the 16gb and 32gb sticks are pretty much always dual rank. no idea if it changes anything then.

Still the change is so small you should go with whatever you prefer. Two sticks has the advantage of leaving more room for airflow and the ram runs cooler.

If you wnat to get RGB ram, and maybe use white light, that's something to look at.. that thing heats up quite a bit when 4 sticks are installed, someties as much as +20 or +30°C, just due to white RGB.


Have a look at htis video if you want 🙂 i linked it at the timestamp that answers your first question, but it's worth watching entirely.



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