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1600i psu


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Hello, I have always had Corsair Psus without a problem but I it’s got a 1600.


I have just tested it out by just plugging it in the society and the whole unit went bang like a gun and a massive spark. Somehow left my power surge and other pc running and my power at home on. But I’m guessing the PSU is fried.

what do I do, I’m assuming this is faulty it was such a loud bang and scared the *** out of me. I may have had one gpu attached hopefully it is fine but I think it tries without l.


kind Fegards,



willni normally get a replacement how does this work, thanks guys and hello!! 🙂

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The magic smoke escaped...

You need to open a support ticket with Corsair directly 🙂


Maybe, if you bought it from a big retailer like Amazon, start with them first, they may have some stock and would exchange it quick.

If they don't have any, Corsair may.

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