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Any issues with Gigabyte's RGB Fusion working at the same time?


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All my peripherals and case fans are corsair's , but I have Gigabyte GPU and G.skill Trident Z rgb RAM.  

I read somewhere that  working with G.Skill lighting software is bad together with Icue and can cause issues.

How about Gigabyte RGB fusion?   It can also control my RAM but I don't want to install it if it can cause issues.  their software is bad as it is but I just have to get rid of the default Rainbow effect of the RAM.


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  • Corsair Employees

The issue with the third-party RGB software comes when people attempt to run the iCUE software at the same time as something like RGB Fusion when they have our RGB memory and are wanting to control it via iCUE. As you do not have our RGB memory you are not going to run into the issue with conflicting RGB software.

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