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Corsair LL120 Fan stack order


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Finally got the rads sorted after 2 weeks of returns because of Alphacool's crap quality control , 2 x 360mm xt45's for the front = 12 LL 120mm fans plus 2 single ones just above, also 6 x LL140's at the top for the 420mm xt45.

I have some sticky dots like i have seen some members use for numbering but still need a little help guys.


The pic below shows my 1000D front fan tray stacks, how would i number them in sequence to run correctly please with the corsair 6 port rgb hubs and icue software, i am not bothered by individual control, just how many into what..etc.

Also the top as well.

I have 2 x commander pro's (inc the 1000d one) plus 6 x corsair rgb hubs and 5 lighting hubs(came in the fan packs) and 3 x 10 port pwm hubs(artic).

Ek quantum kinetic flt360 flat res and Ek velocity rgb amd cpu block plus corsair hydro xg7 2080 super gpu block rgb.

I have all my pwm and rgb extender cables made.

The tray needs to go on top and flipped over for correct location (pain in the ass wiring these)


Any help would be app guys or a quick diagram.



fan layout.jpg

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