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h100i platinum LEDs on the fans not working correctly


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Hello there,

So i've had this issue for longer than a year, but never bothered to fix it until today. Both fans on the aio work, but the LEDs are not functioning properly (LEDs do work when connecting directly to the rgb hub). One fan only lights up for half and the other isn't showing any lights at all.

What i've done so far:

  • Clean installed icue again like it said on the support page somewhere
  • Tried different USB ports on my motherboard for the commander
  • Opened up my case, unplugged everything and plugged everything back together
  • Switched fan LED cables around to see if the issue is on any fan I connect to my aio

Now plugging everything back again actually worked, for 5 minutes. After that it went back to how it used to be (half working fan and one not working).

The weird thing, when I felt around the cables coming out of the cooling block thing that goes on the cpu (idk what its called in english) my pc made a sound like a usb was disconnecting. That was only once though, when I touch it again it doesnt do anything special.

What options do I have left before I RMA it?

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