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Toggle between a specific and previous profile


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Is there a way to toggle between a specific profile and a previous profile? I know how to change between profiles in a list. That's not what I'm after...unless there's a way to add "Previous Profile" to that list that I'm not seeing.

Use Case - I find that I can use the lights in my case as a decent desk light, so I'd like to be able to use a G key to toggle it on/off (return to the previously selected profile).

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I'm gonna use my Corsair Scimitar as a example, but the idea is the same:


First of all, you need to create both profiles with the color configuration you want (one for the white config in your case and another with the light off)

So here's the steps:

* Navigate to Key Assignments

* Add a new assignment

* In Assignment type select "Profile Switching"

* Select the G-Key that you want to use

* In Profile Switching Select "Profile List"

* Add the two profiles created before

Note: One of must be use all the time: ie. the default profile

* Finally, hit the Copy button in the right corner to copy that assignment to all profiles.

Here's a screenshot of my configuration with the default profile and the BF4 Profile




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