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HS80 Dolby/Wired USB 96k Hz Issue


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Hi All; 

Just upgraded from the old void(2015) to this new HS80; 

Issue I'm facing is when using wired Dolby it forces 96k Hz off; I found this was noticeable as the audio suddenly got less accurate and more muddy as the 96k Hz is an 8 channel but when the Dolby is online its a 48k Hz at 2 channel; Honestly starting to think the old void sounded better purely because of this issue
Anyone else faced a similar issue? or is this a normal thing to expect

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4 hours ago, Lorenz0 said:

Yes, this happens to me as well because atmos is only able to output 24 bit 48kHz I think.

I've noted which was odd, when I was in a discord call I switched the dolby off, it seems somehow to also affect the mic as when I did that the listener said "it suddenly became podcast level" 
Not to mention when in wired mode, switching between dolby and 8channel 96k hz is rather hard to do; 
If using the windows sound panel I find it will bug out and say 8channel 48kHz and if I hard select 96kHz (which it thinks is 2 channel) then replug the headset it understands its 8channel not 2; 

Super strange stuff; but the mic aspect has me perplexed; I'll need to test more with wireless vs wired but seems like dolby messes with the output Hz's for the mic somehow

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