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K83 Keyboard, F-lock only works properly with ICUE open

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I'm facing a problem with F-lock that is making me considreing returning this keyboard.


Basically, if I don't have the ICUE open, the only thing the F-lock key does is to disable the Windows key, which sounds kind of stupid, it's a F lock that doesn't F lock. 

I mostly use thekeyboard on linux and I use F1, F2, etc a lot and it's very inconvenient to have to press the FN key all the time.

Is there a fix for this? Perhaps a way to update the firmware with the correct config? I tried over ICUE but nothing seems to work, there's no onboard profiles as on the mice.

Also at the first days it seemed to be working correctly, yesterday I connected it on Windows and saw a firmware update avaible, which I updated it. Maybe a rollback to an old firmware would work. Is it possible to rollback the firmware?


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