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iCue works fine, but dead space in dashboard seems strange


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I see a lot of people complain about iCUE but it seems to work perfectly for the last 8 months or so that I've had it. But both the 3.x version and new 4.x versions there's a huge dead space in the GUI. Whatever out-of-the-box GUI framework they program iCUE in needs to find the setting for that so it can be collapsed.

I'm talking about this area circled in red. It cannot be resized away and it is a waste of screen space:


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Not sure what you're on about, you can place objects there perfectly fine. I can keep expanding both objects and the Window size and place even more objects there, or compress the window and still have no dead space. I'm on version 4.14, but this has always worked exactly the same since v4 came out, atleast for me.





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