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Scimitar Elite RGB - black


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I purchased this about 3 days ago hoping to improve my game play by having more keybinds available. This mouse was great for that until I noticed the amount of dead clicks it has. keybinds are fast/sharp no issues but the most functional part the left click is often dead in the water. I've updated the software made sure the profile I set up was the same and i can even hear the left click it's fairly loud but I'll still consistently have to double click far more then i am comfortable with. I have fast keybinds but the trade off having to spam click doing basic tasks is rather a nuisance. I switched back to my free HP mouse that came with my PC and my times improved on what I was doing and it was easier but with less buttons = more clicking on things which is still faster then not clicking at all. Basically I've had 3 days of greif from this mouse and I've given up after reading other users reviews. Has anyone else had better experience, is it worth returning for replacement?


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