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Corsair One vs Vengeance


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What are the major difference between Corsair One and Vengeance? From what I can tell, Vengeance has a larger case and is easier to upgrade. But what about the components used in these two systems?

More importantly, what is the noise level between them when they are under medium-high loads?

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Hey Vett93,

First off, thank you for your interest in our prebuilt systems!

The Corsair One is a proprietary ITX system and uses an ITX motherboard and SFX PSU.  The chassis is a unique to the Corsair One to maintain a small and compact form factor.  Your upgrade options are limited to your RAM and SSD.

The Vengeance PCs are typically m-ATX to Mid tower cases.  They're built like standard PCs using mostly retail parts from both Corsair and our partners.  It is generally easier to upgrade.

Noise level may vary.  The only fans on the Corsair One is the top exhaust fan, VRAM fan and PSU fan.  It can get loud when all fans are running but it's still comparable to regular sized systems such as the Vengeance PC.  You can probably get better noise performance out of the Vengeance PCs if you lower the fan curve.  There's more leeway for lower fan curves in bigger sized systems since heat is a bit less of an issue.

Hope this answers your questions!

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