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1 LL120 fan is acting up.

Patrick Calma

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So 1 of 6 LL120 fan is acting up all the time, sometimes its fully lit, sometimes only half is lit, sometimes the inner circle is lit, and sometimes not lighting up at all.

I've done some troubleshooting and I came up with some really confusing results;

The fan that is acting up is not broken, it works just fine when plugged into different slot in the rgb hub. Put the other fan to the slot where I am having a problem, It did not work, so this made me believed that I had a dead rgb hub. 

So I went to purchase a new rgb hub, replaced the old one, installed the new one then wow! its working! but after a few days! that same slot is acting up again! 

I installed the old rgb hub on my other computer and realize it was never broken to begin with, took out all LL120 fans on my pc and installed them on a different pc and they all work just fine! 

So, its not the rgb hub, its not the LL120 fans. It is also not icue software because I uninstalled it and that same fan is still not working. 

Please help, I have no more options to fix this


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Please let us know how you make out. I also have 6 LL fans and that same exhaust fan acts up in my setup also. It drive me insane when it acts up.

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