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iCUE causing system freezes when waking monitors

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Hey all.

I have an H150i Pro, Vengeance RGB Pro and 3x120mm LL fans (though a Lighting Node Pro), all being controlled by iCUE. I also have a LG UltraGear 27GL850-B displays running through a Gigabyte AORUS MASTER 3080. Recently, I've experienced a frustrating problem where when I wake my monitors from sleep, my system will frequently freeze. The machine actually appears to still be running (I'll see the HDD LED flash for instance) but I get a frozen image on all the displays and have to force shut down the machine. This started around the time I got my third monitor because it has different firmware that insists on "blinking" the DisplayPort connection when it wakes up, something the other two don't do. I also found that rolling back to an older NVIDIA driver made the issue happen far less often so I assumed it was their fault.

Not so much. I noticed one day that when the system froze, all my LEDs froze too. After some testing, I noticed that this issue happens FAR less (as in like, 90% less), when iCUE isn't running. If I leave it running in the system tray, the issue is almost guaranteed to happen. Closing it doesn't remove the issue but it becomes much more rare. I'm running v4.14.179 of the software, the most current as I write this.

I don't know if iCUE is directly to blame for this but it seems to be a significant contributing factor. However, I couldn't find anyone having the issue this particular way, nor do I have any idea what to do about it. I do have an ASUS motherboard and some have said that conflicts between AURA/Armory Crate can cause this behaviour but I don't have either of those tools installed. The motherboard's RGB is disabled in the BIOS.

Anyone have any ideas here? I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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