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Help with connecting K55 RGB Keyboard to iCue

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I have attached my K55 RGB Keyboard to my computer and when I fire up iCue 4.14.179, it seems to work, however, when I try and use scenes to control all my colourful hardware (fans, corsair all-in-one cooler and memory) I can control everything BUT the keyboard with one click.
As you can see from the attached screen grab, I am missing the icon that says whether a 'device' is controlled by scenes. I must have somehow disabled it, and my question is - how can I re-enable it?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Corsair Keyboard Problem.jpg

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Hi cruiseqe2,


Can you customize the keyboard in iCUE otherwise, by creating profiles and assigning specific lighting effects? Just curious as to whether or not this is ONLY affecting scenes capability or not.

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