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ICUE H150i Elite Capellix sometimes available somtetimes not ...


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Hey guys,

Sometimes ICUE doesn't load my H150i Elite Capellix ... only my keyboard mk2 and my commander pro (where my h150i is pluged in)always appearing in ICUE. After some reboots of my computer the H150i is available too....


can someone help me?


kind regards

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Motherboard specifications?  AMD x570 or B550?

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I too am experiencing this. at first I only had the AIO cooler header showing on my iCUE program. one day i turn on my computer and only the commander CORE is showing and the RGB lights on the AIO are no longer working. I have done all the steps on the corsair trouble shooting page but nothing is working. 


CPU: i7 9700k




Liquid AIO cooler: H150i Elite Capellix 


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That special wide cable on the end of the Commander Core carries pump info and power.  When connected, the Com Core will show the OLED pump face in CUE.  If it suddenly drops off and shows a Commander controller picture instead, that suggests there is a problem with the special cable.  While fully powered down, disconnect and reconnect that cable from the Com Core.  Presumably the pump is still running or you would be a trouble within seconds, but if this does not resolve it you still need to contact Corsair Support through the main website portal.  It could be pump, controller, or cable, but all three replacements need to come from Corsair.  

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