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I have a corsair scimitar pro which I used to love. After installing the latest icue, I can no longer use the two buttons on the top of the mouse to assign new functions. They are the most useful buttons in the mouse, nonetheless they seem to be hard wired to the dpi and profile switch functions.  I am fine switching profiles manually, and I can't bare surf the web without a back and forward buttons assigned there, as to put my most used skills, powers and abilities of my games to those two buttons.

I can't use the mouse like that. Is there any way to fix that?

I would gladly roll back to an older version if needed. In this case which one should I get and where?


Thanks in advance.


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Try running a repair install of the app from the Windows Settings menu.  Click on Corsair iCUE and select modify.  This often cleans up weird button fails like ignoring reassignments, spouting out numbers, etc.  If still stuck, try deleting the current action assigned to those buttons and then re-create them.  

Which iCUE version are you referring to?  4.14?  Or did they release 4.15 in the app update server?

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Nothing changed. I even uninstalled it completely and installed from scratch. No good.

Deleting the function changes nothing also.

The problem is that every time I try to assign a new function to the profile switch button it changes to default profile before I can complete the change.  The button is not selectable in the UI and clicking it automatically changes to default profile. 

I did find some very old posts relating to the problem. It was even supposedly fixed in previous versions, but I do have the problem. Yes, I am using 4.14.


Here is the link to tthe old post that also directs us to another one where a dev confirms the issue:


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That post is from CUE 2 and likely there is little left to connect that program to this. However, if I understand you correctly what’s really happening is the mouse is changing profiles and executing the assigned action. That is a little different and something of an ongoing issue. Users have reported this for several different mice, but it can be difficult to replicate. User A’s Scimitar always does this and User B’s never does it — same CUE version, same firmware. 

The Scimitar is the one Corsair mouse I don’t have, so I can’t add much beyond the above. I do know other users have had issues with this. I would send in a support ticket to Corsair. Also, go to cue settings and turn on debug logging. Theoretically a forced firmware update might help, but most other users affected have done that without success. 

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