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Faulty Commander Core? 3 pin fans do receive power


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I have a H115i Elite Capellix AIO. The pump and supplied fans no longer receive any power. Fans don't spin and there is no RGB. Pump no longer powers up.

The SATA and USB cables are connected. It was working previously with no issues. 

The Commander Core will supply power to 3 pin connector fans. These are normally connected to the motherboard headers, but came across this whilst doing a little troubleshooting. 

I now have the AIO out of the case with another CPU cooler in its place so I can get into Windows. The AIO/commander core no longer appears in iCUE either.

A ticket had been raised with Corsair support 7 days ago, but I'm yet to receive a reply. I understand they are busy at this time.

Really my question is whether or not the commander core could be faulty. It seems to be when controllable devices are connected to it, it just refuses to work with them. 

Thankyou for your help.

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