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I have a corsair iron claw RGB wireless gaming mouse model number RGP0052. While I’m playing war zone it will start acting weird. The buttons I have assigned for running and sliding and reload will stop working while I’m playing the game. About 10 minutes into playing it will stop working. When I’m done playing for the day I will try and close the computer downAnd I won’t be able to click on the start button to shut the computer down. Plus sometimes when I click on a search bar where you type things it will randomly and continuously show the number six. One of my buttons on the mouse is for the number six. And it will continuously push that button as if it was stuck. Can someone help me.

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Go to Windows Settings -> Apps and find Corsair iCUE. Click on it and select “Modify”. Then follow the prompts for a repair install. Most of the time when you loose basic mouse functions and/or when you start getting the numbers thing, there is a corrupt install. The repair process will not erase your profiles or settings. 

Hopefully that cleans things up, but that bit about not being able to open start menu is more unusual. 

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