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Mouse causing iCue to not load properly


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This has been an on going issue for quite a while now and is really starting to bug me.

I have a Scimitar Pro RGB mouse and it seems to be causing issues with iCue when I first turn on my PC as iCue seems to lag / hang and take a very long time to load, and then when it does the mouse is not shown in iCue until I unplug it and then plug it back in.

If I leave the PC without doing anything iCue seems to take a couple of minutes to load up but the mouse is missing in iCue

This problem seems intermittent and does not do it all the time as there are times when iCue takes a few seconds to load up and runs fine, but for the majority of the time I boot up the PC it hangs / lags.

If I see that iCue is not loading correctly as soon as I unplug the mouse it loads up and I plug the mouse back in. I have tried using different USB ports but the issue still persists.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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