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[PLEASE HELP ME!!] iCUE RGB stutter/lag/disconnecting/reconnecting/power off then on while gaming


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Please help me I have tried everything to fix this issue I have a Corsair commander pro, h100i premium cooler and 4 LL120 fans within my gaming pc.

I have tried everything from USB selective settings disabled, device manager power management disabled for all usb and composite HID devices, changed BIOS XHCI-handoff settings, BIOS C-states settings changed, reinstall iCUE, try iCUE v3 instead of v4, updating firmware, repairing iCUE via Windows, changing my iCUE settings to the correct fans amount, disabling my Corsair h100i cooler AIO pump RGB OFF. Nothing works!!! 


I don’t know what to do, I have been so stressed for WEEKS trying to find out why whenever I play games especially some slightly more demanding games eg Genshin Impact etc my PC Corsair products iCue rgb just disconnects and reconnects literally 10s of times with the USB disconnect and reconnect sound and my lights lag and flash, stutter, turn off then on, it’s so annoying and disappointing I don’t know what to do please help


Corsair if you see this please fix this issue you have hundreds of people begging you to for the products they have paid for! 


Thank you.

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