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K63 and different usb dongles

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I just recently purchased a k63 wireless keyboard and so far it is working ok with the USB dongle it came with. However, I borrowed a usb dongle from a friend that also has a k63 and tried to plug it into a different computer to see if the keyboard could work universally with the dongle but it doesn't seem the case.

My questions:

1) can I pair a corsair k63 keyboard with 2 different usb dongles plugged to 2 different computer? is this possible at all?

I would like to use the same keyboard on 2 different computers without having to plug/unplug the usb dongle (as one of them is a desktop computer with difficult access to the usb ports). 

2) is it possible to pair the keyboard with a different dongle than the one it came with?


3) If I pair it with my friend's dongle will I have to re-pair to the original dongle whenever I want to use it again?


Many thanks!

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Hi WirelessXP,


Unfortunately it's only possible to pair to a single dongle at a time. What you COULD do, is have the dongle on one system, and have it connected via BlueTooth to the other system. 

Hope this helps.

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