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Void Pro Headset doesn't work with Discord.

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Greetings everyone.


I'm unsure where to ask for help and where the corsair support pages exactly are.


I've encountered a bug where my Void Pro's microphone red light indicates its on, but the mike is in reality off. When activate the mike's button on the headset,the mike is active and can be heard, but the redlight is in turn off.


The Icue software also takes a turn for the strange in that the voice stating that the mike's feedback and mikes on/off status is completely confused. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the iCue software but the problem consists.


I believe that the icue software may be behind Discord not working with my mikes input, as the mike's redlight may be confused as to whether the Void Pro's mike is actually on.


I've never encountered this problem before, and am certain I've not changed anything software related to my pc other than automatic win 10 updates.


Any help or advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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