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ML 140 Fan in combination with LL fan in 280X


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Hi all,

i have a system in a 280X case which have 2x LL120 fans preinstalled in the front and AIO H100i RGB with also 2x LL120 fans on the top all controlled over lightning nod from 280x with iCue.

Now, i would like to replace the 2x LL120 Fans from the front with 2x ML140 Fans - Question, can i simply disconnect the 2x LL120fans from the front and connect the new 2x ML140 fans to the same ports? Will this combination with on the AIO H100i RGB mounted 2x LL120 fans work?


Thanks for the feedback...



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Currently your CUE lighting setup is LLx4 or 16-16-16-16 LEDs. If you swap in  two 4 LED ML fans, this will throw off the lighting. You can only designate one fan type. If this is necessary, you would set it to LLx3 and then make sure the two ML fans are in RGB slots 3 and 4 at the end. They each will be 1/4 of the 3rd LL fan. That will enable you to set lighting for them, but keep in mind nothing is going to turn a fan with 4 center mounted LEDs into a fan with 12 LEDs in a ring. All those special LL ring effects will have no meaning to a ML. 

If you have a Platinum series AIO, then you have another lighting controller built into the pump and can use its two RGB connectors. This will make two separate lighting zones. 

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