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Problem with 512mb dimm...

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I'm having some problems with one of my 512mb DDR PC3200 dimm's. Im very sure I have a bad model. So, I'm requesting for an RMA number.


My model and lot number is,


Corsair Value Select


model: VS512MB400C3

lot: 0443030-0


When running Windows XP after awhile I get blue screens at random, programs crash alot, and .exe and .rar and .zip files become corrupted. So I ran memtest86+ and right away it was reporting I had errors, I had 2500+ errors. I took out the bad model and ran with it another 512mb dimm I had and everything works fine with no blue screens or corrupt files. I ran again memtest86+ and there were no errors that time. I'm very sure my Corsair memory needs a replacement. Thanks in advance :)

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