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RM1000x PSU 2021 - Utterly Pathetic

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I just finished installing the above PSU. I have blood on my hands and a massive headache.

In 20 years + of building PCs I never had such a vile experience installing a component... 

Corsair, if you care about your products and care about your customers etc...  CHANGE THE CABLES!

Listen to your reviewers. There's a reason why Aris is banging on about the stupid in cable capacitors, cables being too stiff - they're not stiff, they're impossible!!

Also, the man tells you 10cm between SATA connectors is too small FOR A REASON. It's not ok to have use two different SATA cables for two HDDs!! One HDD is in the shroud cage, the other one (SSD) on the back of the MB tray. Common scenario isn't it?!  Have a look at your own cases! See where you're allocating HDD and SSD positions!

You need a pair of pliers to connect the CPU cable and the ATX power. They can be bent only very close to the plastic connector - 180 degrees, very difficult and dangerous. 

Initially, I could not close the back of the case due to the ATX "cable" sticking out - literally about 8cm! Then I pressed the cable in and forced the back cover on and it bulged... ! Which is dangerous - shorts can happen easily.

The case is Be Quiet 500DX - I can fit my garden hose inside it easier than your cables!


There are perfectly rational reasons for my rage: such levels of sheer ineptitude that leads to PAIN for the customer, wasted time, PC in worse shape after "upgrading" - going backwards. Have you tried building a system with your PSU?! With these cables?!?! 

This is a potentially good product made SUBSTANDARD AND DANGEROUS by a set of cables with capacitors AND STEEL RODS in them! JUST FIX IT - THESE CABLES HAVE TO FIT IN A PC CASE!!! and send me a set of cables that aren't dangerous.


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daaaaaaamn i thought these were on the go, replaced by flat cables... 

I wonderwho thought having 2 inches of stiff heat shrink filled with hot glue encasing capacitors was a good idea.. even if it fits its a massive eye sore for literally zero benefit

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