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RM750x failing to power on with 3x SATA HDDs attached (is fine with 2?)

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Last night my previous PSU started making horrible fan noises, so I picked up an RM750x this morning as a replacement. After installation, the PC wouldn't power on at all, but after some troubleshooting (disconnecting everything and then adding things back in one at a time), we found that it's fine with my 2x SATA SSD drives and 2x of my Seagate Barracuda SATA HDDs, but as soon as I connect the third Seagate and try to power on, it simply won't start up. My previous PSU was also a 750W, so power shouldn't be an issue. We've been over the SATA cabling multiple times and can't find anything wrong. 

Is there something I'm missing? Or another test I can run?

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