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Vengeance RGB Pro not detected after BIOS update (MSi mobo)


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After a BIOS update to the latest stable version for my MSi Z370 PC PRO motherboard, Corsair iCUE 3.x ceased to detect my two Corsair RAM sticks and is now unable to apply custom lighting settings on them.
I tried reverting back to the oldest BIOS version (first release ever for this MB), uninstalling MSi Mystic Light and reinstalling Corsair iCUE... with no success.


Do you have any known solution for this issue, or do you know if Corsair is still investigating the problem ?

I've read that "putting the sticks in another mobo then placing them back in the first one" sometimes works (I guess the interim mobo sends some instructions to the DRAM) but unfortunately I only have one PC available at home.


Thank you and kind regards



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