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Corsair Lighting Node Core RGB issues

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I have just installed the SP120 RGB Elite kit with the lighting node controller and 3 fans. I'm having issues controlling the fans individually. They all take the lighting profile assigned to fan #1, but they aren't synced up perfectly, its like the software thinks they are all one big RGB fan and there is some delay between them.

All software is up to date and I've tried multiple configurations with the fan power connectors and the RGB headers. Currently the fan power headers on my motherboard are matched with the numbers on the RGB controller, if that makes any difference.

When trying to identify The fans as #'s 1, 2, & 3 only the fan plugged into port 1 will identify, but i am not able to use the orientation control. I've also tried all of the different fan controller series settings, and none of them work properly. QL RGB Series 

I suspect it may be a hardware issue with the Node itself, but before i request an RMA id like to see if anyone has advice, as this is my first time using a standalone RGB controller.

I attached a screen grab of the node controller setup, If that helps any.Capture.thumb.PNG.1e9013775f72e4501209b5a27ed7a8a4.PNG


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You have the channel configured incorrectly. It's configured for QL-RGB fans with 34 LEDs. Your fans are SP-Elite, which should be configured as "8-LED Series" fans.

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