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H100i RGB Pro XT nightmare


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Good evening everyone! 

I have just finished building this small rig and, since I was curious about experimenting with liquid cooling, I have opted for Corsair's AIO. 

After assembling the whole lot (NR200P case /MSI H510I mini-ITX motherboard /I5 10400 /RTX 2060 Gaming Z /2x8 3600mhz DDr4 /256gb + 1tb ssd + 1tb WD black hdd  /the a.m. AIO cooler with its two Corsair fans + 2 intake-fans on case floor and two exhaust-fans on lid), I did a bit of stress-testing and immediately noticed a peculiar buzzing noise (similar to that of a refrigerator or a washing machine), while the system was under load. I did not think much of it since it stopped at cooldown.   

This morning the buzzing noise started as soon as I switched the system on, and never stopped again.

I consequently started researching the problem and, soon discovered that this  refrigerator-like rythmic buzz was coming from the pump and that, additionally, iCUE did not recognize the AIO, which was not visible on DevManager either.

Long story short I have spent my day trying every solution under the sky to get rid of that noise  and get my system and/or iCUE to see the darn thing.

Plugging the pump into an external Usb port on the computer instead of the mobo-header seemed to do the trick for five minutes then, while the machine was unattended because I was watching the Monza F1 Grand Prix departure, the AIO suddenly went AWOL with pump buzzing like crazy and radiator fans spinning at 100% speed. 

Unplugging it from the Usb port did not change anything neither did several attempts to restart the computer. I then, as suggested in this forum, tried to apply a firmware update which had just popped up into ICUE, but it failed, so I restarted again but the AIO pump RGB would no longer switch on...

Ok, I have bricked the AIO and I am happy I did because this gave me the excuse to quickly extract it from the case and replace it with a dissipator and a 120mm Noctua fan. 

CPU temp with AIO: 32/39c on average, max 57c under load.

CPU temp with dissipator + fan: 37/42c on average, 45/59c under load. 

No big differences here except for the fact that finally my system is quiet during everyday usage and absolutely tollerable under load (e.g. while playing demanding games on very high/ultra settings).

My takeaway from this littel adventure: 

1) Never ever buy another Corsair product which is not a keyboard or a mouse. 

2) Never ever use iCUE for anything not related to choosing an RGB sequence for the said keyboard/mouse.

3) AIO is not liquid cooling. Custom loops are liquid cooling. 





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