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memtest errors in 1gb module

nox uk

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I have the twinx cmx1024-3200pt pack, a dfi lanparty nf4 sli-d motherboard, and a pc power and cooling psu.


Quite simple one I think: I put one module into slot 2, and get about 100 errors at address 00107fbc28 within the first few mins, starting almost immediately when memtest runs. Put the other one in and no errors reported. With both modules in, I get repeated errors at a different mem address (00020ff7850)


It also gets worse at 2.7v! 2.6v is actually slightly more reliable! manually set the board to 3-3-3-8 (and 3-4-4-8) as well as auto settings and made little difference. It took three attempts to get into a legible BIOS due to some wonderfully coloured characters!!


It will also not post at 2.5-4-4-8 or 2.5-3-3-8 on my abit ic-7 max3, which was reported within a week of purchase around 10 months ago! (I was never really too worried at the time) but otherwise hasn't been too bad (had always put crashing down to windows!)


Does it sound a bit dodge? :D and should I ask here for an RMA number even though i'm in the UK? Or should I go back through my reseller (Novatech) even though they aren't on you approved list?


Numbers on the chip are: XMS3200v1.2 & 0427088-1, not sure if the pink sticker is yours or Novatechs!


The working chip i'm very happy with!!




Further info: I have an athlon 3200+ Winchester, all BIOS settings are set to default, bar changing a few specifically for the memory, BIOS flashed to latest, and no change. Memtest86+ is the one built into the BIOS (I was suprised! looks identical) rather than the one on a disk which I can run if required.

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