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Fan's lights randomly turning off.


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I have been having lighting issues with two of my fans. One's lights completely turn off while the other just has one of its corner's lights shut off. They randomly come back on and off. The fans are still spinning its just the lights that are acting strange. I tried unplugging the fans from the hub and plugging them back in which only fixed the issue for a little bit. 


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Most likely you have a dodgy LED on the fan that is mostly lit. The system is a series circuit, so if LED #11 goes out, all LEDs after may go dark or behave strangely. Try swapping fan #2 into the #1 spot. If it’s OK it should light up and the former #1 will remain partially lit. 

Contact Corsair support if you are still under warranty. Unfortunately the HD are no longer in production so finding a replacement may be difficult. 

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