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Control of LED on CX650F PSU though MSI MPG z490 mobo

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CX Series™ CX650F RGB — 650 Watt 80 Plus® Bronze Certified Fully Modular RGB PSU (corsair.com)

I'm not a big LED user and outside of my H100i cooler the only other LED device is the PSU. I would like to know if I can use this PSU without a LED controller as the presets from the button on the back of the PSU don't give me a lot of options. Below is the jumper layout of the MSI MPGz490 Gaming Wi-Fi mobo. I'm not sure what jumper on the mobo might support the PSU LED or if the RBG IN is the correct cable port to do this if I can do this. I currently have the PSU connected to JRGB1 but the PSU doesn't show in iCUE and I'm reluctant to run the update on iCUE, . If I could shut the LED's off I would; and yes, I could have bought one w/o the LED, like the Nazi's could have not opened a war on two fronts. Hindsight may be 20/20 but unlike the Nazi's I don't want to pay postage to return a PSU.



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How do you have the PSU connected to JRGB1? That's a 12V analog port ... going to a 5V digital RGB fan. That's not a good mix. It tends to release the magic blue smoke.

You can control the RGB for the fan from iCUE and the PSU should come with a cable specifically for that. On an MSI board, these would connect to a JRAINBOW header or, if your motherboard is so equipped, the JCORSAIR header. Both would be controlled from MysticLight and won't show up in iCUE. Of course, that's also assuming that you've not killed the RGB in the fan by connecting it to a 12V header.

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