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fan speed issue


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Could someone please help me out here. i have got a h115i pro cooler i have swapped out the standard fans for sp140 rgb pro put on the standard fan there is a 4 pin plug on the sp140s there is a 3 pin plug doe's this matter as i can not change the fan speed all i can do is the colour setting. 


Any help on this would me much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance  


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seems you have "dc controlled" fans, and not PWM ones.

the AIO controller is a PWM controller, that's why you can't adjust fan speed.

basically, DC fans have their speed controlled by varying the voltage sent to them.

PWM fans receive a constant 12v and vary speed following a signal sent by the controller.


So your 3 pin fans are always at full speed because... 12 volts only.

If you want to control the fan speed you need to install PWM fans

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The other option would be to use the MB fan controller if you need to keep the DC SP-Pros on the radiator for whatever reason, but as mentioned they will be stuck at max on the PWM controller. 

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