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Radiator Thermal Question


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Hello There


I just bought a Corsair Hydro X iCUE xh303i from a friend and i wonder if I have enough for a Ryzen 7 3800x and Nvidia 2070 super

with the XR5 360mm radiator included for both components, or should i add another radiator?

Also my card is not compatible with corsair gpu block, i found and alphacool and a barrow, blocks compatible, both copper nickel plated,

are they compatible with corsair products?


Thanks and sorry for my english




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it should be just enough but the fans will work harder.

If you add a rad you will have more headroom to keep the PC silent.

And you can add just about anything to the loop, all manufacturers use the same G1/4 thread for PC watercooling, so you can mix and match brands if needed.

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Yes, you can cool those 2 components with a 360 radiator. It will be better than air cooled. How much cool, I think it will depend on how well your case is arranged for the air flow.

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